IvvoWelcome to IVVO – an innovative brand of electrical infrastructure and advanced power systems.

Now IVVO is part of the Starlite International Group, an Australian based company. We are authorized distributor of Woehner Germany, which is the market leader in busbar systems & future-oriented technologies in the distribution and control of electrical energy.

As a fully integrated supplier, we can:

  • Provide technical consultation on smart engineering solutions
  • Provide electrical equipments and cables for industrial, marine and defense sectors
  • Design, manufacture and installation completely new or retroffiting power, control & automation panels
  • Repair, maintenance, training & technical support of power systems
  • Reseach and development of new technologies in electrical engineering

300 compact60mm System Compact, 3-pole, 360A
Advantages of the system:
-    compact control and distribution
-    number of components is kept to a minimum
-    many 60Classic components can be used here as well


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60 classic60mm System Classic, 630A (800A)/2500A
Advantages of the system:
-    wide range of busbars available even with its small dimension
-    safe, saves space and clearly arranged in its design
-    disposes over a large variety of components
-    many of the components comply with UL 508 requirements

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100mm System, 1250A100mm System, 1250A
Advantages of the system:
-    for use in power distribution assemblies with a high short-circuit withstand capacity
-    compact distribution with NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors size 00
-    drill-free assembly possible (with accessory)

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185Power, Busbar185Power, Busbar Sytem 1250A
System advantage:
- New, modular and single-sourced – that's 185Power from Wöhner. Discover a perfectly matched system complete with efficient components and maximum mounting friendliness.

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